Leylam Shawarma

We came upon this curious concoction when we were surfing for munchies during my sister's lunch break: Shawarma rice. Undeniably, quite a number of people are fond of eating this meal in a cup so we decided to try it to figure out why people keep coming back for more. First off, Shawarma is a Middle Eastern sandwich-like wrap of shaved lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a mixture thereof. Slices of grilled meat is then served with vegetables and a combination of spices all wrapped in a heated pita bread.

The first bite decided everything in an instant. It was the same Shawarma served here in the Philippines, complete with its creamy mayo filling, semi spicy sauce and heaps of sliced cabbage. With rice.

I'm not sure how people are able to eat this rice-mayo combination without stopping, but I certainly can't without taking a sip of my lemonade. I guess it's just too rich for me or I'm not really fond of anything with mayo (save for japanese mayo, that one's delicious). Other than that, it's good.

Next time, I'll skip the mayo.

Leylam Shawarma
IT Park

A: 3/5

Off Roads

One Sunday morning, sister and I decided to go to a popular venue for a car wash in Panagdait, Cebu to test how good their service is. Due to the time of our arrival, we had to be stuck there for a number of hours to get the job done. And under the blistering heat of the sun, no less! We had to rush to the shelter of a homey coffee shop for some shade and cool air (we didn't think of the nearby Jollibee branch, for fear that the establishment does not have any Wi-Fi). While at it, both of us had a glass of iced caramel and mocha frappe.

Just as we were heading home from a mall after the car wash, some annoying birds just had to hold their annual poo slinging event on top of our windshield and on the driver's door. Our fears escalated into despair and finally to teary sobs as we drove back to Off Roads. I can't even begin to describe how shocked the attendant was when he saw the poo-riddled windshield, to think they they washed the car less than two hours ago!

So again, we passed by the coffee shop and had blueberry cheesecake and a piece of brownie this time to drown our sorrows. The coffee earlier was good and cheap unlike certain places where you pay for the name and not for the cup of joe. The cheesecake was rich and good, even up to the icing (I swear, it tasted a teensy bit of cherry). The brownie, albeit having extremely well made with chocolate toppings and a piece of walnut, didn't have much of a kick that gets one munching for more.

Panagdait, Cebu near SYKES ASIA Building

A: 4/5 Blueberry Cheesecake is a must have when you visit here. If not, enjoy other cakes while taking advantage of their free WiFi. You can bring your laptop and plug it in, for no charge!