Harbour City

one of the food i missed is steamed rice so when i went home for vacation, i had to stop by this restaurant. my friend and i also ordered siopao, empress roll siomai, chicken feet, quail's egg siomai and crab pincher. all the food we ordered were delicious just like i remembered them.

Harbour City
Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City 6000

3/5 (-2 for the dirty tap water they serve. one should instead order canned softdrinks or bottled water.)


when you're searching for restaurants that serves chicago deep dish pizza, UNO will come up in the list along with Giordano's, Lou Malnati's and Gino's East. last friday, we were craving for some deep dish so we picked UNO.

we had muchos nachos and wings in 3 ways: buffalo style, honey barbeque and wowza sauce. the nachos was very satisfactory. i enjoyed its melted cheese and jalapeno. the wings were not bad but not that significant.

we chose numero uno deep dish for our entree. it's like the super supreme pizzas of other pizza chains. the crust was crunchy and tasty. it was too meaty for me though but i enjoyed it's cheezy tomato sauce. i'm glad the filling wasn't that deep like the deep dishes in Giordano's.

UNO Chicago Grill
1160 Plaza Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173

4.5/5 (-0.5 for the wings)

Sushi Kushi San3

Last night we ate at this cozy Japanese restaurant for dinner. The waiter immediately offered us hot tea or cold glass of water. Since it is getting cold outside, we chose hot tea. =)

They have an array of tempting dishes from sashimi, sushi, maki, rolls, soup, bentos and many more. We were served fried tuna roll with oyster sauce and Japanese mayo as appetizer, complements from the chef. It was perfect.

I ordered gyudon to compare it with the one in Mitsuwa. After tasting it, I could not decide though which one beats the other. I guess they are 5 stars both.

I'm definitely going back to this restaurant to taste their platter of sushi and sushi rolls.

Sushi Kushi San3
281 W Townline Rd
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Verdict: 4.75/5 (presentation of their menu needs improvement)

Don Henricos

During Ayala's Midnight sale, we enjoyed our evening meal together at Don Henrico's, located at the Ayala Terraces, Cebu. The restaurant offers an affordable buffet table with a few but delectable choices. I spied the table and saw two pizza dishes, two pasta choices (white or red), a few appetizers, honey glazed chicken and dessert.
For groups on a budget, they can avail of packaged meals composed of pizza, a tower of iced tea, pasta and a plate of deep fried calamari. Of course, aside from those, diners can choose to order from their ala carte menu.

We had three pieces of their signature crunchy chicken paired with their heavenly gravy, seafood pesto and a 10-inch Rustic Italian Pizza peppered with meat, pepperoni, cheese and onions. The service was mediocre but the food is great. Since there were three of us, we were at first tempted to opt for the buffet table, but got discouraged by the lack of choices.

Pizza is outstanding, one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted (considering that this restaurant pioneers in making one of the great pizzas here in the Philippines). It's got a crispy crust that is baked just right to complement the pizza flavor's special blend. The toppings aren't too strong, and neither do they add up to make something salty. It goes well with the Caramba Hot sauce they have on the table. The calamari plate is a great choice of appetizer. Sadly, the tomato salsa doesn't match too well with it.

Their pasta is so-so, though their shrimp and squid serving size on top of the pesto is generous. You can't even taste the basil with too much flavor and toppings on the noodles. Their chicken is salty, so the skin should be avoided at all costs for those on a diet. The gravy is good, but deadly. I imagine they put a lot of butter in it to make it that delicious.

Don Henrico's
Ayala Center Cebu
Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu, Cebu, Philippines

A: 3.8/5
Service was so-so. Takes a while to get noticed. Trainees should be trained more. The trainee server picked up the fallen chicken off the table with his hand, a no-no when it comes to food serving.

Japas Bistro

So... Entry #2 :) I am not a one hit wonder!

The past few months I have been obsessed with these damn "groupon" sytle coupons which has led to my spending more than a little money on coupons. The one plus side to this is that I get to try out new restaurants once in a while. Japas Bistro was one of these. So, to start off with this restaurant is just 1/2 a block from the Broadway Canada Line Station which makes it super easy to get to. It is a hole in the wall which I would have never set foot into if it wasn't for this coupon that I had.

I would have never ventured out to this restaurant (afterall it is across a bridge!) if it wasn't for the 50% off that I got and I would have missed out on some tasty food. And as an added bonus, it came with a free drink!

The free drink was a watermelon based drink. I think it might have just been blended watermelon. Whatever it was made of... it tasted good. I ordered a 2nd one after. Although at $4 per drink for a non-alcoholic bevie, I might not order it again.

To start my friend Tina and I ate some edamame (no photos since edamame is pretty standard stuff). - oh... and I forgot to take a photo and I didn't think a photo of empty pods would make a good blog post!

Next up came gyoza.
I almost forgot to take photos of this too - which is why it only has 2 gyoza on the plate. I had never seen such long skinny gyoza before. They were tasty. Although, due to the long skinny nature of them, it made for not the greatest form factor for dipping in the sauce if you wanted to be able to avoid double dipping. I would order them again though.

Mmm... Pumpkin croquettes - how can you go wrong? Deep fried goodness. The pumpkin was nice, light and fluffy, the panko crust crispy. My only complaint with this dish was that two halves came on a soy based sauce and two halves on tartar sauce. Since I don't like tartar, this was a miss with me. Next time I order this - if it is still on the menu (I think it is a seasonal thing) I will ask for no tartar sauce.

Any trip to a new Japanese izakaya place would not be complete without trying the ebi mayo. I don't know why this is, because more often than not, I am disappointed. Japas Bistro was ok... not fantastic, but not bad. Pros - I loved the citrus flavour of the orange added to the ebi. Cons - too much mayo made it a little soggy.

Next course... beef short ribs. This one was the only dish I could say I will definitely not order again. The dish wasn't terrible but I much prefer korean galbi. To be honest, I think I liked the cabbage underneath the ribs that had soaked up the sauce better... but perhaps that is because by this point in the meal I was realizing that we hadn't really ordered any veggie dishes.

So this was the final dish, and without question the highlight of the night. Beef sashimi. The sauce was bizarre, but fantastically so. Mustard, olive oil, soy, and a lot of Greek seasoning. Tina mostly tasted the mustard, I mostly tasted the Greek seasoning. Either way we both loved it. I can honestly say that I have never had beef sashimi that tasted like this, and this alone makes this restaurant worth going back for. :)

Overall rating 3.5/5 The lack of ambiance in the restaurant automatically dropped this by a point, the food, was mostly good, with only one meh dish. I'll go back, but there are so many other groupons to use first!

Tita Julies's Fastfood

Julies Fastfood dates back to its humble beginnings as an expansion idea of a bakeshop owner. With plenty of other bakers sprouting here and there, the dream became a reality. Of course, the bakery is still strong as ever, regardless of how many other competitors the company has.

The restaurant boasts an assortment of grilled local dishes for the common folk from pork to seafood to pica pica. Aside from that, people are drawn into this establishment by the low prices and the unlimited soup and rice for every order of viand. It's the equivalent of eating at a buffet table, for its price.

We decided to try the buy 1 take 1 grilled pork chop and their chicken thigh barbecue. The price was just right and the servings were more than enough for two people.


A: 2.5/5 the taste isn't satisfactory for the Eat Out Enthusiasts. The food lacks a certain appeal without using any MSG or flavorings. Plus points for the cold temperature and clean surroundings, though.