Tita Julies's Fastfood

Julies Fastfood dates back to its humble beginnings as an expansion idea of a bakeshop owner. With plenty of other bakers sprouting here and there, the dream became a reality. Of course, the bakery is still strong as ever, regardless of how many other competitors the company has.

The restaurant boasts an assortment of grilled local dishes for the common folk from pork to seafood to pica pica. Aside from that, people are drawn into this establishment by the low prices and the unlimited soup and rice for every order of viand. It's the equivalent of eating at a buffet table, for its price.

We decided to try the buy 1 take 1 grilled pork chop and their chicken thigh barbecue. The price was just right and the servings were more than enough for two people.


A: 2.5/5 the taste isn't satisfactory for the Eat Out Enthusiasts. The food lacks a certain appeal without using any MSG or flavorings. Plus points for the cold temperature and clean surroundings, though.

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