Just a few steps away from anzani, dolce cafe is a dessert haven for dessert folk. As soon as you've ordered your favorite pastry at the main cafe, you can opt to enjoy the scenic view of the landscape below at their outdoor area where they have several benches set up for their customers.

Not only do they serve cakes and pastries, but they also serve hot and cold beverages and food (Even though i have yet to taste their milk tea and sinkers and their meals).

They sell their own versions of red velvet, smores, kitkat, and many others. For those who aren't in the mood for cakes, they also sell cookies and muffins.

Their desserts are fairly okay. Some are sweeter than the others, mind you. And i think they should be served with a hot pot of tea.



People relate heavy traffic to a curse.

I do too, especially when I'm in a rush going somewhere on a strict schedule. But when you pass by a restaurant that has just opened, chances are, your opinion on traffic will be different. Situated across the church along Escario street, beside another recently opened branch of a popular coffee shop frequented by folks, the restaurant boasts its modern design and pleasant ambiance despite the construction going on in the vicinity.

We were seated to a table for three and were handed individual menus to check what they have available. We were then given freshly baked bread and home made tomato dip, much to our surprise. For appetizers, we ordered Gamberri alla Padella, a shrimp lettuce salad with two sticks of bread, Insalata dello Chef, a chef salad with lettuce, egg, olives, tomato, olive oil and bacon strips, Vongole, pasta with clams, and a serve of Puttanesca. Our entree was salmon and asparagus pizza together with organic sparkling juice. To end the meal, mom, sis and I shared a serve of Panna Cotta. With preserved cherries and balsamic vinegar.

The service was prompt; the servers were attentive to our needs and were eager to give their customers the best possible experience.

By the time we got out of the restaurant, we've had our bellies filled for the journey back home.

Axis Entertainment Avenue, Escario

A: 3.5/5

Gamberi was somewhat a disappointment because the bottom of the bowl was soaked with oil, making the dish soggy. The Vongole was a tad bit over seasoned, with too much salt in the sauce. The Puttanesca was spot on and the chef salad, though. The salmon asparagus pizza tasted good too. The Panna Cotta could use more acidity because it is simply too sweet. The balsamic vinegar on the plate was too small and could do very little to add tartness to the dish.


Ginza is probably one of those upscale Japanese restaurants where upper class people visit with friends to socialize. This place has a few teppanyaki stations where designated chefs will go and cook an assortment of stir fry in front of you. Reservations are a must if they desire for these spaces, since many people prefer their food served right from the stove.

The ambiance of the place is pleasant, with a large sand sculpture of sorts right in front of the front door. To the far right and far left are the reservation rooms with teppanyaki stoves installed.

We were given a small saucer of appetizers, and then soon after, the food started trickling in. Out company had ordered in advance, and so their orders came first at the table. There were prawns, sashimi, and stir fry goodies which were a prelude to what's to come.

We added additional Food like uni sushi, salmon skin roll, grilled giant squid, soft shell crab, and mixed sashimi platter.

To end the delicious meal, i ended up sharing with my sister a cup of authentic green tea ice cream with just the right amount of bitterness and creaminess.


A: 4/5
This is probably one of the better places to get japanese food here in Cebu.

 I grew a particular fondness for their soft shell crab and their crispy salmon skin roll.

Their grilled giant squid was cooked perfectly too.

It's a bit pricey, so it's recommended to bring a bit of extra cash for the group.

Chop Chop

Chop Chop

We decided to visit this place after taking notice of the shop in the far corner of the vicinity, near the washrooms. It looks neglected at a glance and the lights were dim, as if they were still closed. There was only one person stationed outside who later ushered us in once we made known ouR intent to visit their premises.

The restaurant isn't what you'd expect if you're looking for a fancy experience with your date. Instead, the place looks exactly like it was taken from Singapore's hawker stall. In fact, that's exactly what they were going for.

Eager to sink our teeth into what they offer, we ordered most of the best sellers for our dinner. A platter of sambal fried rice, chili crab meat, beef rendang, katong laksa, sambal stingray, and hainanese chicken.

The food arrived in waves in the span of ten to fifteen minutes, starting with their katong laksa. It tasted better than Ulli's although i think it needs a bit more tartness to cut through the richness of the coconut milk. Their beef rendang is perfectly seasoned thoroughly.

To end the meal, we ordered iced kachang, which is their version of the local halo halo with coconut milk and pandan extracts.

Chop Chop
The Gallery

A: 3/5

I think that they should ask their customers if they wanted spicy or non spicy flavors. I expected singaporean food to be spicy but we were served mildly spiced food. Most orders are expensive. I'm glad that their stingray tastes okay. I'm surprised they know their sauces well.


There are things you can't do when you're sick with shingles. One of them is not being there when the Mismukuno branch in Ayala opened where the staff danced to the tune of Voltes V.

Soon after i recovered though, my sister and i visited the place and had ourselves seated by the prep area where a train set carrying food makes its trip from the kitchen and back to the customer's area.

The ambiance of the place felt fine, with the large wall to the side painted with several Japanese anime characters ranging from the pioneers like Astroboy, Mazinger Z, and Voltes V to conteporaries such as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

The food that they serve are mostly short orders, with the exception of their maki rolls. To start the meal we were given a bowl of miso soup to be followed by beef teppanyaki, a plate of sunrise roll, salmon sashimi, ika sashimi, hibachi tofu, kakiage, and a bowl of beef gyudon. To end the meal, we shared scoops of matcha ice cream.

The dishes are fairly cheap with the exception of their short rib and angus beef orders.

Ayala Cebu

A: 3.25/5

The food itself is delicious and the beef is tender enough. The restaurant's appeal is to show you your food while it is being cooked.

Not to mention the revolving train moving around the center work area. They happen to have unlimited miso soup, perfect for those who like their hot soups.

The hibachi tofu is to die for, as you can taste the sweet butter sauce on top of the tofu fried in, yes, you guessed it, butter. The sashimi were served in little saucers with ice to keep the temperature of the fish fresh. Overall, i think they did a good job.


As you can tell from the food we ordered, we weren't really too hungry when we dined at Boosog (which is a pun on the Tagalog term for busog which literally means full from food).

The menu here is reasonably priced and their fare consists of traditional Filipino food. We ordered a variety of meat and seafood and we actually still had room for dessert!

This restaurant is worth coming back to but the parking is such a hassle that if you want the same type of dishes, you might as well go to Chika-an at Ayala although you will be paying for a premium.

Verdict: 3/5