Sutton Place Hotel Chocolate Buffet

My first post! :D

So... since I had to work over night Saturday into Sunday it seemed like a perfect time to indulge in the chocolate buffet. (I figure I can burn off some of the calories over night!) We arrived at the Sutton Place Hotel to a gaggle of teen and tween girls trying to snap photos of who they thought was Justin Beiber... (turns out it wasn't him though!)

First round:

From left to right, chocolate pecan torte, white chocolate raspberry crumble bar, triple chocolate croissant pudding (essentially bread pudding gone mad!)

The chocolate pecan torte was tasty, the crumble bar - ok, but not my favourite... but ooooo that chocolate croissant pudding... OMG! I almost went back and took seconds of this - but there was still too much to peruse.

Round 2:

From left to right: chocolate cheese cake, white chocolate mousse cake, not sure what the third thing was - there was no label!

The unknown bar was the best of these 3 followed by the cheese cake. The white chocolate mousse cake I could have passed on. I needed a break after these 2 rounds!

Chocolate Profiterole - I think I actually prefer regular profiteroles - Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's are better.

Raspberry White chocolate moussey thing. I can't remember what it was called. :P I was expecting it to be a more solid chocolate rather than mousse. But the raspberry was delicious (I think I was starting to get chocolate exhaustion at this point!) Hence the crepe next:

This was a Grand Marnier crepe with mango passion fruit sauce and Grand Marnier pastry creme on one side and regular whipped cream on the other. This was heaven. The mango passion fruit sauce was divine. I wanted a vat of the stuff.

Next up - can you believe I was still up for more?

Standard chocolate fountain with fruit. I dropped a strawberry in the fountain - but I SWEAR it was intentional - I wanted full chocolate coverage! :D

After the fruit... it was time for dessert!

This was a chocolate truffle cake - at this point it was almost too much chocolate. The side dish to the truffle cake was the dream bar below.

This was a crunchy bar with loads of chocolate and fudge.

It didn't end there.

Banana chocolate cream pie. This one was a bit of a miss. Too much banana, not enough chocolate.

Giving up on the banana chocolate cream pie after a couple bites I moved on to the mocha bar.

Who thought I would need more caffeine after all that chocolate?

So at this point, having tasted (if not finished) all of the above... I needed something to cut all of that chocolate so my final "petite four" portion of my meal was lemon sorbet with more of that delicious mango passion fruit sauce.

And at this point... I am in sugar shock and will not be able to eat sugar for a long long while. (Maybe Monday I can have another piece of chocolate!)

Cost: $26 + tax & tip
Rating: 4/5 not 5 of 5 because it would have been nice to have more dark chocolate, and there was no standard chocolate cake!!! Only a bunch of mousse cakes/tortes/bars!

Wakamatsu Yakiniku

This unique all you can eat Japanese style restaurant has tables equipped with grills well as an overhead movable exhaust fan that suck the smoke out of each individual dining area. Their menu consists of a mix between Korean and Japanese cold cuts as well as raw food. Of course, depending on how much one can eat, any customer can order as much as they want.

The restaurant boasts its wide assortment of US, Aussie, Korean and Japanese meat, not to mention some seafood and a side dish of kimchi on the side. They also have traditional sake and shoju, in addition to local drinks, juices and shakes.

A = 4/5
I can't really say much about the food because the customer decides how he wants his meat.I have to reiterate that they serve bowls of delicious Korean cold noodles.

Casino Español

Vegetable salad, pork chop and fish fillet 

Lengua estofado, chop suey and fish fillet 

Chocolate monster

Casino Español de Cebu
107-109 V. Ranudo Street
Cebu City 6000, Philippines


N: 3.5/5 I had high expectations for their lengua but it was just ok..


Postrio is the best place to hang out on a lazy Saturday afternoon, especially when you're fed up with the usually coffee shop crowd. They serve freshly baked bread and pastries plus they have wifi and electric outlets so it's common to see people with their laptops and books piled up on their table, typing and enjoying their baked goodies.

We usually go here to buy whole wheat pandesal and sliced bread but today we decided to add lemon square and their best seller apple pie on our list. It was great that they have a couch just outside the premises that looks out to the fountain of The Terraces. That's where we whiled away the time till dinner at Red Kimono.


N: 4/5 I have yet to try their drinks but I love their pastries, their lemon square rivals Leona's. Now if they only have friendlier cashiers then it would be perfect. The one who attended me wouldn't give up the wifi password, what a grinch!

Bistro Ecila

Beef overload! Rib eye steak and wagyu beef with a band playing cheesy melodramatic songs in the background - a fine way to cap a Saturday night. The beef dishes were excellent but our calamari appetizer was so-so. I would pick Cyma's kalamarakia over this anytime of day.

I just noticed this last weekend, but it looks like all restos on the third level serve liquor and turn into gimik places come Friday and Saturday nights.

N: 3.5/5 non existent service on a Saturday night plus way expensive! rib eye is $7 per 100g - that's a person's salary for the day in Cebu.

++ because they have free wifi, -- because they don't have any discounts or freebies for Ayala discount card holders.

Bistro Ecila
3rd Level, The Terraces
Ayala Center Cebu