Bistro Ecila

Beef overload! Rib eye steak and wagyu beef with a band playing cheesy melodramatic songs in the background - a fine way to cap a Saturday night. The beef dishes were excellent but our calamari appetizer was so-so. I would pick Cyma's kalamarakia over this anytime of day.

I just noticed this last weekend, but it looks like all restos on the third level serve liquor and turn into gimik places come Friday and Saturday nights.

N: 3.5/5 non existent service on a Saturday night plus way expensive! rib eye is $7 per 100g - that's a person's salary for the day in Cebu.

++ because they have free wifi, -- because they don't have any discounts or freebies for Ayala discount card holders.

Bistro Ecila
3rd Level, The Terraces
Ayala Center Cebu

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