Postrio is the best place to hang out on a lazy Saturday afternoon, especially when you're fed up with the usually coffee shop crowd. They serve freshly baked bread and pastries plus they have wifi and electric outlets so it's common to see people with their laptops and books piled up on their table, typing and enjoying their baked goodies.

We usually go here to buy whole wheat pandesal and sliced bread but today we decided to add lemon square and their best seller apple pie on our list. It was great that they have a couch just outside the premises that looks out to the fountain of The Terraces. That's where we whiled away the time till dinner at Red Kimono.


N: 4/5 I have yet to try their drinks but I love their pastries, their lemon square rivals Leona's. Now if they only have friendlier cashiers then it would be perfect. The one who attended me wouldn't give up the wifi password, what a grinch!

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