Supposedly one of the best self grill restaurants in manila, Yakimix has caused quite a stir in Escario street where it is strategically located. This restaurant is basically just like any grill your own food on your table with rows and rows of cooked and raw food for their patrons to enjoy. We were asked to come early, and boy did we (after the disgruntling notice i received on my inbox when i check my phone right before sleeping). The line waiting to be seated was several feet long with ribbons of people sitting down on the offered chairs outside the establishment. To think that we arrived three minutes shy of 11 am
It took 30 minutes for the staff to open the doors of the restaurant to us. We were greeted with the usual Japanese greeting (irasshaimase!) by the door when my name was called and ushered us right to our seat. The restaurant was huge, ample enough for at least 30 or 40 tables. Within minutes the restaurant was bustling with activity and people were walking here and there to inspect whatever's on the buffet table.

There is a great number of cuisines served here in Yakimix, ranging from Korean, Chinese, Japanese, American, and Mexican. They also have marinated meat ready for grilling. I admit i was a bit impressed by the arrangement of their dishes; a table each of exclusively area specific fare as well as a separation of solid and liquid food.

Escario, Cebu

A: 3/5
The ambiance was pleasant enough to begin with. Although their service is inadequate here and there. We had to call several times to request for service and get the bill. I have also noticed that there are waitresses busily chatting on the sidelines, which may have contributed to poor service.

What boggles me is that they could have done better to accommodate the people before opening hours aside from the text prompt you'd get if you reserved a table for yourself. There is also the issue of flies inside the establishment, flying dangerously close to the food near the sushi area. The washroom is probably given very little thought which shouldn't be the case given the floor area of the place (very little space, cramped and suffocating). 

I am also quite concerned of some food located near places where they shouldn't be; sukiyaki in front of the aircon, condensed milk in the dimsum area.

30 Kitchen+Bar

This restaurant is located just beside one of our favorite weekly specials joint in The Gallery and has been there since i could remember. Our unannounced arrival right before opening time was attended properly, and were promptly handed individual menus for our inspection.

There were several items that were not available in the menu at the time of our arrival, a few of which were the ribs and their homemade potato chips. Contrary to this at the back of their menu, was a long list of alcoholic beverages that dwarfs the list of food items sold in the diner.

My mom ordered pork steak for herself, my sister, their 30 angus steak, and belly crunch for myself. For appetizers, we had a 6 piece Wing Thing immersed in what they call asian sauce (which is gochujang, i believe) and a serve of Angus tenderloin tips.

The ambiance of the place didn't look appealing with all the cracks on the walls and were bare. On the plus side, the food was cheap. I'm guessing their target market is people looking to hang out on the weekends.

30 Kitchen+Bar
The Gallery, Mabolo

A: 2.75/5
The mashed potato tasted great, but most of their food are hit and miss. The tenderloin tips tasted much of canned mushroom and Worcestershire. The pork steak was bland and the angus steak was way overcooked. Their belly crunch is true to their taste though, but i wish they wouldn't recycle the sauce they used for one dish.