Pepper steak

Situated near the outskirts of ayala cebu's active zone, Pepper Steak is the Cebu equivalent of Pepper Lunch from Manila. We visited this diner for a meal one sunny afternoon, with hopes that we woulnt be ignored for the third time since we visited the place. Our hopes were answered once we entered the establishment and had been guided towards our seat. We had two orders of beef pepper steak and an order of beef curry steak with accompanying bottomless iced tea.

The ambiance was a bit off despite being in order, not to mention that several waitresses spent their idle time with gossip and chatter. The redeeming factor of this restaurant was that our brief stay there was never without having to request for a drink refill (the women behind the counter energetically filled our glasses non stop. Maybe because their manager was nearby?)

The food was satisfying enough, I had the lingering scent of curry on my finger tips for the next hour.

Pepper Steak
Ayala center Cebu

A: 3/5

I still haven't forgotten about the last two times they didn't attend to us. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Pepper lunch

Pepper lunch is a popular Japanese sizzling place in glorietta 5. You can see a slightly long line outside the restaurant between 11 am until 1 pm for their food. Just at the entrance, anyone can take in the scrumptious smell of meat and fish and hear the sizzles of prepared dishes.

We had beef yakiniku with mixed pepper rice while our cousin had salmon teriyaki while brother had beef teriyaki. Each order can be upgraded so that it can include a complimentary drink as well as soup or a siding or a dessert. Our order came minutes later, and after one bite, we knew why pepper lunch have so many people lining up during break. The beef was soft and delicious, not to mention the sauce perfectly complimenting the dish itself. Eventually after the meal, we claimed our Ice cream from the counter. We shared scoops of caramel, black sesame and chocolate with nuts much to our satisfaction.

Pepper lunch
Glorietta 5, Makati

A: I was greatly amused by the presentation of step by step video instructions of how to cook some of the meals. The restaurant wasn't too hot either, and the air conditioning was well planned and maintained. Service time can be a bit long due to the restaurant's popularity, so the place is not recommended if you have work in 30 minutes.


Chicken bonchon

Chicken bonchon

After a small meal of pancakes sausage strips and eggs as well as sips of refreshing fruit juice for breakfast at Mickey D's, my siblings and I strolled along the ayala triangle gardens to look for the much hyped chicken Bon chon, a restaurant that originated from Korea. This resto boasted its double fry chicken (first to remove its fat, and the second to integrate the sauce into the chicken itself) that is best paired with their kimchi coleslaw and fermented radish cubes.

Their chicken comes in two flavors, soy garlic and chili; both of which are coated with ample sauce and with just the right crispiness. The space of this diner is limited and cramped, with so many office workers coming over for lunch. Even the benches outside are not enough and many opt to take out and eat some place else. Their coleslaw and radish pair are great sidings, to be honest, and the chicken, despite being overpriced, is good for a change if you're tired of eating chicken from Mickey d's or Kfc or jollibee.

Chicken Bonchon
Ayala Triangle Makati

A: 2.5/5

Price is definitely outrageous. If it werent for the sidings I wouldn't be thrilled at all. There are other local and cheaper priced chicken stores out there (in Cebu and makati) and this store isnt one of them. The clerks promised steak cut fries but was given thin ones. Kudos for the kimchi coleslaws and fermented radish though!

Army Navy

After pigging out yesterday at saisaki's all you can eat buffet in glorietta with four days left before my graduation, I was asked to pick from the short list of the best burgers in town. Interestingly, army navy ranked second in my list, and so our rendezvous was decided.

This small burger joint was located within minutes frm the vicinity of our hotel. I was a little surprised that they had a short menu list of burgers, burritos, tortillas and shakes as well as a few more sidings. Of course, I don't want to judge a restaurant by it's menu list since I know several eateries with a specialized menu of very few items for sale.

Army navy burger take pride in their quarter pound patties. Their burritos are top notch as well. Unlike popular choices like jollibee and Mickey d's, they have pure beef patties that will be remembered by anyone who tastes them. Each burger comes with tomato slices, lettuce, mayo and ketchup. Of course, hot sauce depends on the diner's discretion

Army navy
Glorietta 5

A: 4/5