Pepper steak

Situated near the outskirts of ayala cebu's active zone, Pepper Steak is the Cebu equivalent of Pepper Lunch from Manila. We visited this diner for a meal one sunny afternoon, with hopes that we woulnt be ignored for the third time since we visited the place. Our hopes were answered once we entered the establishment and had been guided towards our seat. We had two orders of beef pepper steak and an order of beef curry steak with accompanying bottomless iced tea.

The ambiance was a bit off despite being in order, not to mention that several waitresses spent their idle time with gossip and chatter. The redeeming factor of this restaurant was that our brief stay there was never without having to request for a drink refill (the women behind the counter energetically filled our glasses non stop. Maybe because their manager was nearby?)

The food was satisfying enough, I had the lingering scent of curry on my finger tips for the next hour.

Pepper Steak
Ayala center Cebu

A: 3/5

I still haven't forgotten about the last two times they didn't attend to us. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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