Pepper lunch

Pepper lunch is a popular Japanese sizzling place in glorietta 5. You can see a slightly long line outside the restaurant between 11 am until 1 pm for their food. Just at the entrance, anyone can take in the scrumptious smell of meat and fish and hear the sizzles of prepared dishes.

We had beef yakiniku with mixed pepper rice while our cousin had salmon teriyaki while brother had beef teriyaki. Each order can be upgraded so that it can include a complimentary drink as well as soup or a siding or a dessert. Our order came minutes later, and after one bite, we knew why pepper lunch have so many people lining up during break. The beef was soft and delicious, not to mention the sauce perfectly complimenting the dish itself. Eventually after the meal, we claimed our Ice cream from the counter. We shared scoops of caramel, black sesame and chocolate with nuts much to our satisfaction.

Pepper lunch
Glorietta 5, Makati

A: I was greatly amused by the presentation of step by step video instructions of how to cook some of the meals. The restaurant wasn't too hot either, and the air conditioning was well planned and maintained. Service time can be a bit long due to the restaurant's popularity, so the place is not recommended if you have work in 30 minutes.


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