Army Navy

After pigging out yesterday at saisaki's all you can eat buffet in glorietta with four days left before my graduation, I was asked to pick from the short list of the best burgers in town. Interestingly, army navy ranked second in my list, and so our rendezvous was decided.

This small burger joint was located within minutes frm the vicinity of our hotel. I was a little surprised that they had a short menu list of burgers, burritos, tortillas and shakes as well as a few more sidings. Of course, I don't want to judge a restaurant by it's menu list since I know several eateries with a specialized menu of very few items for sale.

Army navy burger take pride in their quarter pound patties. Their burritos are top notch as well. Unlike popular choices like jollibee and Mickey d's, they have pure beef patties that will be remembered by anyone who tastes them. Each burger comes with tomato slices, lettuce, mayo and ketchup. Of course, hot sauce depends on the diner's discretion

Army navy
Glorietta 5

A: 4/5

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