Chicken bonchon

Chicken bonchon

After a small meal of pancakes sausage strips and eggs as well as sips of refreshing fruit juice for breakfast at Mickey D's, my siblings and I strolled along the ayala triangle gardens to look for the much hyped chicken Bon chon, a restaurant that originated from Korea. This resto boasted its double fry chicken (first to remove its fat, and the second to integrate the sauce into the chicken itself) that is best paired with their kimchi coleslaw and fermented radish cubes.

Their chicken comes in two flavors, soy garlic and chili; both of which are coated with ample sauce and with just the right crispiness. The space of this diner is limited and cramped, with so many office workers coming over for lunch. Even the benches outside are not enough and many opt to take out and eat some place else. Their coleslaw and radish pair are great sidings, to be honest, and the chicken, despite being overpriced, is good for a change if you're tired of eating chicken from Mickey d's or Kfc or jollibee.

Chicken Bonchon
Ayala Triangle Makati

A: 2.5/5

Price is definitely outrageous. If it werent for the sidings I wouldn't be thrilled at all. There are other local and cheaper priced chicken stores out there (in Cebu and makati) and this store isnt one of them. The clerks promised steak cut fries but was given thin ones. Kudos for the kimchi coleslaws and fermented radish though!

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