After so many weeks of dreaming of their deep dish pizza and eggplant parmigiana, we finally decided to eat at Sbarro's. The restaurant is well cared for and clean to the dot. Regardless of the fact that the diner itself wouldn't compare to the branch at SM, it was above my expectations.

This cafeteria-style eatery had a brightly lit area where pizza and pasta are lined up for the customers. An assortment of dishes, sauces and sidings are neatly presented on the trays while courteous employees smile at you while waiting for you to pick what you like. What I love about this restaurant is the availability of a big oven for cooking and heating pizzas.

For lunch, we had the Chicago deep dish pizza with white sauce and extra cheese, Meat delight pizza slice and Meat lasagna that comes with small piece of garlic bread.

The meat delight pizza is topped with bacon and pepperoni over a thick layer of melted cheese. The Chicago deep dish was ok and is better off eaten while hot because the cheese hardens and eventually making it less appetizing and less delicious to munch on. The meat lasagna however, isn't even close to getting recommended. It was slightly dry and had very minimal cheese in it (mostly tomatoes and tomato sauce!)

Ayala Center Cebu

A: 3/5

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