Royal Krua Thai

Last night while we were at SM, we discovered that our favorite Korean restaurant closed down for good. Granted it was late and mom was hungry, we settled for the next best thing: Royal Krua Thai. The place improved since my last visit here, particularly the ambiance of the restaurant.

We were seated near the scenic view of SM Sheraton (Radisson Blu) and its magnificent free flowing fountain up front. Interestingly, instrumental Thai music played softly in the background that completed the whole Thai dining experience.

For appetizers, we had a platter composed of Por Poa (shrimp spring rolls), tod mun goong (fish and shrimp cakes), gai hor bai toy (deep fried chicken in pandan leaves) and nua thod jim jaew (thai beef jerky). For the main meal, we ordered chicken fillet in red curry sauce, ka moo pa-lo tod (thai-style deep fried pork leg) and the staple soup, tom yum goong.

The dinner was pleasant enough for all of us, and the curry was specially delicious (despite that the chicken was filleted). The best order award goes to the pork leg with the distinct sauce that came with it.

Royal Krua Thai
SM City Cebu

A: 3.8/5

I'm not satisfied with how authentic their dishes are. After tasting their Pad Thai before, I am confident I can cook better than them. Also, their portions are small and expensive.

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