We were greeted by the attendants, one rainy night, who courteously offered us the menu as we entered the establishment. We expected good service, only to be dismayed as we were seated three feet away from the kitchen. Imagine having dining tables near the hot kitchen! It didn't end with just that, actually, all throughout the course of the meal, service was slow. The water tasted awful and that our food had to be served cold (we specifically asked the main course to be served even if the entrees weren't done yet.)

To make up for it, I guess, the interiors looked good and light despite the busy atmosphere. Just being there can make you feel at ease and calm, as you stare at the photographs on the walls or admire various pen inked artwork hung almost every angle of the restaurant.

As for food, if you're looking for eating on a budget or pigging out, you're at the wrong place. Price range of a dish here costs about 200-300 on average. Thankfully, they have entree packages of two or four in a plate at a reduced cost if you order them individually.

We had cubed egg and spicy cheese for starters. Not exactly the best, but manageable. Next to come was the the hot garlic bread for individual guests. Traditional to start with these. They also have wifi here, for those who are bored of waiting.

After that, we had pork tips , medium well beef steak and marlin fish fillet.

I don't know why people say that the food is bland. I guess most of them are just too used to adding one too many dashes of salt and spices, only to destroy their tasting senses. All of the dishes served here had an exquisite hidden tinge of flavor.

If you enjoy subtle tasting food with great presentation, this is the place for you.

Canvas: Bistro and Bar
Level 2, The Terraces
Ayala Center, Philippines


A: 3.6/5

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