Five Guys

How many guys does it take to make one good burger? Five!

If In and Out is to California, Five Guys is to Illinois. When in America, you have to eat like Americans, that means all the meaty, beefy, greasy goodness of burgers and fries and soda all rolled into one meal.

I ordered the small bacon cheese burger, and believe me it wasn't small at all. Their regular burgers have two patties and probably 4000 calories, so I opted for half of that =) Their serving of fries made from Idaho potatoes was a meal by itself, it's good with vinegar and the huge portion is perfect for sharing.

My friend said she preferred In and Out but I think Five Guys is ok, I can't really remember the taste of the former, I should go back to LA soon and compare ^^

N: 4/5 - great burger experience

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