Sea Ranch Sushi

For my friend's birthday. her housemates took her out for a sushi dinner, it's an hour drive from Buffalo Grove but it was all worth it. After feasting on sushi in Vancouver, which costs really cheap over there, somehow a $20 sushi place looks so expensive to me.

Sea Ranch is a Japanese grocery store with four or five small tables where customers can sit down and park their bags as they order freshly made sushi and ramen - they serve both ala carte and AYCE. For the latter, they give you a checklist and you can just mark everything you want to order then give it to the counter and wait.

I love that they have salmon roe here, I could eat this all night =) we also ordered a few other rolls for the non raw eaters but half a dozen ikura was good enough for me, I wish we had something like this in Cebu.


N: 4/5

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