What's not to love about a restaurant whose staff comes to your table as they serve the appetizer, shouting in unison the word "OPA!"?

I certainly loved dining at this place (since I'm crazy for lamb, among other things.) Homey Greek atmosphere greeted us as we were seated on a table by the manager with just the right amount of music in the background. What's more, we didn't have to wait too long for our food.

To accompany our refillable specially iced tea, for starters, we had Greek caviar with salted fish roe (Taramosalata), Crispy Breaded Baby Squid, deep fried to satisfaction served with Tzatziki sauce and sprits of lemon (Kalamarakia) and last but not the least, Flaming Cheese served on a sizzling plate (OPA!)

The main course consisted of Lamb Gyro, generous marinated lamb slices with tomatoes, red onions and Tzatziki wrapped in pita, Firm, white and meaty Marlin Fillet whose distinct flavor can only be attained by Charcoal grilling, and their specialty, Cyma Lamb Chops, charbroiled shoulder loin Lamb chop served with a choice of rice stuffed pepper or Greek roasted potatoes.

Every single bite of food tickled our palates, truth be told. It's my first time tasting Greek caviar and I found it weird since it looked like mayonnaise with ketchup to make it look pale pink (I'm no fan of mayonnaise). despite the looks, it was indeed different. Next, I'm proud to present, kalamarakia as an excellent order. baby squid is really crispy even when cooled down. It goes well with the sauce too.

Wifi users, beware. This establishment doesn't have a working WiFi.

For who's having their birthdays soon, be pleased to know that they have freebies for birthday celebrants. ^^

Cyma Greek Taverna
Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu, Cebu, Philippines

A: 4.8/5

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