Breakfast of Champions

What's the first thing you would do right before crossing the border at 4 in the morning? Eat a hearty breakfast! Especially when you know it's gonna be a long day with eat and sleep at the bottom of the agenda. So, IHOP it is, and I ordered their specials - the super rooty tooty fresh 'n fruity -  I just love saying that =) It's composed of two fluffy pancakes topped with either strawberry, warm blueberry or cinnamon-apple compote plus whipped cream topping - talk about carb and sugar overload! The combo also comes with hash browns and eggs and is worth $4.99; for a little extra you can add bacon, sausage or ham.

After a 13-hour flight, a two-hour layover, another three-hour flight and four hours of driving, I decided to get all the add-ons - yeah bring it on! Unfortunately, my poor jetlagged tummy couldn't really handle all those so I ended up just eating all the meat and having the rest to go. Imagine this conversation:

Border Patrol: So what are you bringing from the US?
Me: Two fluffy pancakes with strawberry and whipped cream toppings plus hash browns to go please, I mean sir. ^^

All I can say is IHOP in the States is definitely waaaayyy better than the lame greasy IHOP that I went to in Burmaby. I'm glad I stopped over.

N: 4/5 great service, friendly staff and good food


3619 Byron Street
Bellingham, WA 98225-6018

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