Chop Chop

Chop Chop

We decided to visit this place after taking notice of the shop in the far corner of the vicinity, near the washrooms. It looks neglected at a glance and the lights were dim, as if they were still closed. There was only one person stationed outside who later ushered us in once we made known ouR intent to visit their premises.

The restaurant isn't what you'd expect if you're looking for a fancy experience with your date. Instead, the place looks exactly like it was taken from Singapore's hawker stall. In fact, that's exactly what they were going for.

Eager to sink our teeth into what they offer, we ordered most of the best sellers for our dinner. A platter of sambal fried rice, chili crab meat, beef rendang, katong laksa, sambal stingray, and hainanese chicken.

The food arrived in waves in the span of ten to fifteen minutes, starting with their katong laksa. It tasted better than Ulli's although i think it needs a bit more tartness to cut through the richness of the coconut milk. Their beef rendang is perfectly seasoned thoroughly.

To end the meal, we ordered iced kachang, which is their version of the local halo halo with coconut milk and pandan extracts.

Chop Chop
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A: 3/5

I think that they should ask their customers if they wanted spicy or non spicy flavors. I expected singaporean food to be spicy but we were served mildly spiced food. Most orders are expensive. I'm glad that their stingray tastes okay. I'm surprised they know their sauces well.

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