Ginza is probably one of those upscale Japanese restaurants where upper class people visit with friends to socialize. This place has a few teppanyaki stations where designated chefs will go and cook an assortment of stir fry in front of you. Reservations are a must if they desire for these spaces, since many people prefer their food served right from the stove.

The ambiance of the place is pleasant, with a large sand sculpture of sorts right in front of the front door. To the far right and far left are the reservation rooms with teppanyaki stoves installed.

We were given a small saucer of appetizers, and then soon after, the food started trickling in. Out company had ordered in advance, and so their orders came first at the table. There were prawns, sashimi, and stir fry goodies which were a prelude to what's to come.

We added additional Food like uni sushi, salmon skin roll, grilled giant squid, soft shell crab, and mixed sashimi platter.

To end the delicious meal, i ended up sharing with my sister a cup of authentic green tea ice cream with just the right amount of bitterness and creaminess.


A: 4/5
This is probably one of the better places to get japanese food here in Cebu.

 I grew a particular fondness for their soft shell crab and their crispy salmon skin roll.

Their grilled giant squid was cooked perfectly too.

It's a bit pricey, so it's recommended to bring a bit of extra cash for the group.

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