At the corner of Robson and Bute

is Moxie's Classic Grill. "Let It Snow" was blasting from the restaurant's speakers as we walked up the stairs to the dining area, I do hope it would snow, I like waking up to a white Christmas.

The server led us to good seats, right by the corner window overlooking the intersection, nice view of the gray skies and Steamrollers, a place I should try out sometime.

We got Moxie-size Bellinis to start with while looking over the menu. Light, cool and refreshing, this frozen peach puree with sparkling wine is a perfect summer drink, sipping it on a cold winter day is like summoning the sun to shine again. [to be updated by K]

For appetizers, we tried the crab and scallop cake. I thought it was great, well cooked and well seasoned, not starchy and not oily at all despite looking like it spent some time rolling on flour and sleeping in the deep fryer. [to be updated by K]

Debating between land sea grill and the peppercorn new york steak, Krissy finally decided on the latter, thinking it's been a long time since she had a whole steak just for herself. [to be updated by K]

I picked the martini striploin from the the winter feature menu; it was cooked just the way i liked it - medium well, burnt on the outside but pink on the inside, the middle ground between well done and medium rare. This entree came with beans and chipotle roasted potatoes on the side, both of which I didn't really have the hots for so they were left almost untouched. Yes, I know what you're thinking, I'll specify the sides I want next time to prevent wasting good food.

After finishing our 10oz steak, we didn't really have any room for dessert but I insisted on getting one anyway, I just missed the white chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream on top and I wanted K to try it. Since that order was too big, we agreed to get two small ones instead, we opted for the mini mousse and the bite of brownie.

I thought the bite of brownie was perfect, reminded me of the white chocolate chip raspberry cookie I used to buy at Safeway sans the raspberry. [to be updated by K]

And that was my meal of the day.. or so I thought.

N: 4.0/5.0 [-1 because it put a big dent on my wallet ^^]
K: [to be updated by K]

Moxie's Classic Grill - Robson
808 Bute Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1Y4

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