Apparently, McDonald's released a new type of burger in their arsenal of food as a response to the newly opened burger house at IT Park, Lahug. They aptly named it the "Big and Meaty Burger", which is composed of a big burger patty topped with a generous amount of sauce, a big slice of melted cheese, slivers of sweet pickles and finally chilled fresh lettuce. The burger meal comes with the typical regular fries and soda that can be upsized to your liking.

Definitely, this burger can compare to the big league of specialized burger stations like "Flame It!" and "Burger King", to name a few. The patty is tasty enough without the that nasty preservative and extender taste you can clearly tell in that one local fast food shop here in the Philippines. Not only that, but the sauce in it complements the meal as a whole. The only drawback of this burger is that I'm pretty certain that it has extra salt sprinkled on top of it, which may affect the taste and quality of the meat. Maybe they should ask the customer if they wanted that on their burger?

IT Park Lahug

Verdict: 3.5/5
The fries were soggy and pathetic, otherwise, the burger tastes great. A good meal for anyone on a budget and doesn't feel like eating chicken. Still a long way to go from being the best burger in town though.

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