Chicken Charlie

Neighboring Army Navy in IT Park Lahug is a newly opened restaurant that is supposedly to be a rival of Chicken BonChon. As Chicken Charlie puts it, their secret to their addicting chicken meal is to fry it twice, first with a flavor of your choice followed by another deep broil to lock in the flavor. You also have the option to savor your meal with a serving of iced tea and soda by the glass. If you prefer something fancier and a little bit pricier, one can opt for bottled ginger ale and sarsaparilla.

Interestingly, the chicken is indeed crispy by far, perhaps just as good as Chowking's Chinese style fried chicken. Their drumsticks and wings are sprayed with a delicate hint of a flavor of your choice: soy garlic or sweet spicy. As an added feature, they have this tiny warning device given to you so you can know whether your order is ready for pickup. Pretty nifty, huh?

 As opposed to BonChon, the meal is close to a disappointment. We realized it one minute too late the moment we sank our teeth into the soft tender flesh of the freshly seared poultry. The flavor was only skin deep!

Chicken Charlie
eBloc 2, Asiatown IT Park


The meal itself is average, a bit pricy if you ask me, 4 pieces of wings and 4 pieces of drumsticks with a pair of refreshments cost us around 400. 

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