Gerry's Grill

One evening as we were off to the mall to eat dinner late at night, we decided to try Gerry's grill for a change. My experience there wasn't the best of experiences, simply because of the lackluster service the waiters offered. One in  particular a certain one called Degie, who had the gall to put us on hold when in fact that we asked for service at a much earlier time than the koreans who just came into the restaurant and sat right at the next table. And when he was taking our orders, it did feel like he had his attention divided by something, answering no to everything when upon being asked again, he answered yes.

We had a plate of Spicy Shellfish,. a sizzling plate of baby squid skewers, and a generous amount of binagoongang baboy (sauteed shrimp paste with pork bits). The spicy shellfish was... flat out gross (maybe it was the shellfish, maybe it was the sauce that was too spicy and watery to hide the seafood taste). As a saving grace of this restaurant, thankfully the baby squid skewers were superb while the binagoongang baboy was above average.

Gerry's Grill
Ayala terraces

Verdict: 1.5/5

The service for this visit is crap. This restaurant is definitely not one of those sit down and talk type of appointments, seeing that there's a lot of people drinking alcohol and getting drunk. Even the menu looks as if its meals are for pulutan/pica pica.

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