we ordered their fried oysters for appetizers considering that we went there for dinner. it was good. the sauce complemented with the fried oysters. given the restaurant's name, we stayed away from ordering steamed crabs or shrimps. we ordered one pound of steamed crawfish in cajun garlic sauce. the waiter asked us how hot we wanted it: mild, hot, or fire. we made a mistake in picking hot since it was burning our tongues. i only managed to eat around 4 pieces of crawfish since it was too much and getting the meat from the crawfish is such a challenge. this is probably we noticed many customers there were having shrimps. they're easier to descale. as for the cajun sauce, it was good but i like the take from boiling crab better. in addition to the crawfish, we requested corn and sausage. i wanted more of the sausage. it was probably just around two inches long! the portion was so little.

This is my first encounter with the crawfish, are they really this small? Had I known that they were going to be tiny, I would have opted for shrimps or prawns instead, less hassle and more meat. Anyways, it was an experience trying to wrestle with this crustacean. Good thing there were fried oysters to keep my hunger at bay, I would definitely order them again if I make the same mistake of revisiting this restaurant. One good thing they have going for them though is the sauce, which was truly HOT in every sense of the word, I was crying buckets when I took a spoonful to taste it, I haven't been overwhelmed by hot sauce before this.

Crawdaddy at San Jose
779 Story Rd
San Jose, CA 95122


S: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the small portion of sausage)

N: 3/5 with enough cooking skills and acess to fresh seafood, I could make this at home. I'm not impressed by the tiny crawfish, why would you eat these cute little things?

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