The Ranch

While browsing around the internet, my sister found this restaurant one time when she was looking for a place to eat with her co-workers. She managed to find this restaurant and then we decided to treat our uncle here for dinner.

Situated directly in front of banilad elementary school, this restaurant appears as a cozy home converted into a wild west inspired restaurant complete with cowboy memorabilia and staff dressed to look the part. There weren't any customers beside us, so it does feel like we have the place to ourselves. The dining area is spacious, so is the recreation area where their patrons can play cards against each other and hit the dart board in a friendly duel.

We were given individual menus as soon as we settle in. There wasn't much to choose from, since most of the items there are currently out of stock. For starters, we had quesadilla with a small serve of pureed tomatoes and herbs. For entrees,  I had a large plate of pork chop with mashed potatoes and salad on the side, our uncle had to pick the chicken fried beef steak, my mom ordered a large pot of pot roast for her and my sister. Finally, for dessert, we had two slices of pecan pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The Ranch

A: 2.75/5
Most of the food we got were served bland and needed seasoning. The pot roast was dry and bland. My pork chop was okay and the mashed potato side was above par. I think the only entree that had flavor is uncle's chicken fried beef steak.

I'm not sure if pecan pie was that sweet, but it was sweet without even adding the ice cream. But in fairness, it did taste good.

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