The Blackboard by Chef Michel

Determined to run through all restaurants here in Podium, we decided to take on The Blackboard by Chef Michel, a restaurant with intimate ambience serving international dishes thought of and created by renowned chef Chef Michel. What’s interesting in this restaurant? No printed menus! If you want something, you have to look up. Literally. Their menu is printed on the huge blackboard, which by the way, changes daily! Yep, everyday is a brand new day to whip something amazing from their kitchens. Wow, typing that down (writing this review a few months later) makes me want to go back there! Maybe they’ll have my initial order! Haha

There was a lot on that board from different cuisines, too. I remember ordering something that wasn’t available, uh-oh! So I settled for their Chicken Cordon Bleu with Potato Mash. Looking at my dish, the roll was evenly sliced. The meat looked tender and moist, The ham perfectly wrapped the oozing cheese. The 5 slices were expertly placed on top of a potato mash that looked and tasted good, not like mush, more on the rustic side with little lumps of potato to excite every bite. The gravy drizzled on top of everything, running down on the sides licking the plate. The overall taste and texture did not disappoint and it was very filling. The hosts were on the snobbish side, had a hard time calling their attention to give me something, like a refill of my water or my bill. Haha I know, little things. But no! I was the only customer in the restaurant, you would expect they would give you their superb attention to details.

Verdict: 2.5/5
I don’t know their bestseller, but from research, apparently Chef Michel would sometimes really be the one cooking your food! In the flesh! It would have been exciting to witness that, so that of course will be one of the reasons why we should come back here; apart from trying the rest of their ginormous menu haha

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