Café Marco

First of all, congratulations ReiMart! Everyone, this is his 3rd degree. Graduating from UP, you get a sablay every graduation. He has 3 now. That’s why I dedicate him the song Hari ng Sablay. LOL and to celebrate this event, we drove to Marco Polo where their restaurant, Café Marco, was waiting with their buffet tables all set up.

As expected with hotels, the whole interior was lavishly lit and spacious. The chairs and tables were comfortable enough for diners to be adequately prepared for the enormous meals they were about to consume. Each station were distinct enough for anyone to be either reeled in or ignored, depending on their food preference. This night I specifically got from their sashimi, tempura, dim sum, and desserts sections.

First plate is my ebi tempura and sio mai with a slice of pizza on the side, doesn’t make sense I know! Haha! I usually go for sashimi now but this plate is more steak with some gravy and I’m not so much of a beef person, I was just intrigued with people lining up for this one and dumping gravy all over it haha! Taste was nice, but I didn’t get second servings of it. I feel like I shouldn’t really be invited in buffets because my third plate is my dessert plate already, just stating their infamous cookie and got 2 scoops of ice cream. I think my cookie’s better. Haha!

Verdict: 2.5/5
Tempura was ok, it's not great, but it’s readily available for everyone and you don’t have to squat in front of the tray to wait for it, unlike most buffets. Sashimi had nice cuts and slices, no bones. It’s a so so experience for me. It’s a little pricy at 1400 per head.

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