Blue Elephant

One sunny afternoon in IT park, my sister and I had this strong craving to try the new Thai restaurant in The Walk to break free from the usual food we eat. From the outside, Blue elephant seems to be a casual dining place amidst the rows of local hang outs in the area. The ambiance itself wasn't bad, in fact, I thought it was cute to have a metal elephant head hanging by the wall.

The service was fast, and the food was unexpectedly delicious. Their Ka Moo Pa Lo Tod, deep fried pork leg cooked in a secret thai recipe, was outstanding. It has got to be the best tasting pork leg dish I've ever tasted with its crispy exterior. To our surprise, it also had a soft and juicy interior that was scrumptious! The Pad Thai was done well too, with just enough sweetness and spice.

The food aren't just the good points of this restaurant as well. Their Thai Iced Tea, served with milk or without, is a blessing for those looking forward to a sweet release from the hot sun.

Blue Elephant
The Walk, IT Park

A: 4.8/5

Definitely a must try. their serve authentic thai beer as well. Must be a hit during the evening. You won't regret it.

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