After serious efforts of looking for an empty parking lot during the 2011 Chinese New year, my sister and I decided to join the festivities by celebrating at Korean restaurant. As I've been told, Korean New Year and Chinese New Year happens on the same day. It was a pleasant evening with the wind blowing gently and beautiful fireworks above that makes it a night to be remember indeed.

Ziburo is a casual modernized korean restaurant that serves some of the country's authentic food. Several of its customers are natives who enjoy unwinding after a day's work with friends that comes with a bottle of beer all the while munching on their favorite dishes. The restaurant's ambiance is very pleasant and easy to the ears.

The waiters were too preoccupied making the foreigners happy while a few were caught gossiping. During our short stay there, we had been served complementary kimchi and pica pica Korean cold noodles and a seafood pancake. Of course, everything was delicious and well worth the wait.

The noodles was scrumptuous, as it combined the sauce's sweetness as well as the spiciness of the chili and chili paste that came with it. The seafood pancake is looked like an but upon close inspection, it is an omelet with lots and lots of vegetables and seafood.

IT Park Cebu

A = 3/5
To justify the prices of the menu, each dish can cater for two.

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