Just as we were looking around for a quick bite before the movie, we managed to pass by Postrio, one of my favorite pastry place in Ayala. The customers of this establishment can enjoy relative peace and quiet while they hold small meetings and appointments. Our stay here in the restaurant was only for a short while now, and extra special indeed since it was our first time to actually consume meals there.

What I had was a Bacon and Egg Sandwich with complementary fries while my mom got the hungarian sausage meal with sauerkraut. I figured that many pastry shops serve lousy meals and just focused on the pastry and the drinks, so I didn't have high expectations from it. But lo and behold, much to my surprise, everything was delicious. The fries had a different taste than the ones you can get from food chains. The french baguette slices fresh, the bacon and eggs fried to perfection, the Hungarian sausage oozing with juices, I had the sudden change of opinion!

Ayala Terraces

A: 4/5

I'll vouch for the food you eat here. Not only that they have wonderful baked goods, they also have good meals.

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