Don merto's

Don merto's

Don merto's has several branches in cebu that offer delicious meals at affordable prices. But interestingly, their main branch near vacation hotel offers all you can eat tenderloin steak for the meat lovers looking for a new place to satisfy their cravings.

During Mondays, you can avail of the local short ribs meal for 300 pesos per person. It was a good deal, since it was inclusive of a basket of freshly toasted bread, a bowl of soup and small plates of side dishes of your choosing. Each bite was heavenly and heart stopping, and it is highly recommended to order an after meal tea to help digest your food (and unclog your arteries). Mom opted for cannelloni instead, since she was sure that she couldn't finish even a one plate of this rich meal at her age.

This branch of don merto's is a must visit every steak days. You can't imply say no to their mouth watering short ribs!

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