Big Mao sep 30

Big Mao

After deciding between Chinese food and Thai, we finally chose something that we haven't eaten from before. Big Mao has been in Ayala terraces for as long as I remember, though we were practically avoiding it like a plague since there were other Chinese restaurants that appealed to us more. at lunch time, the place was packed and the attendants were busy like ants, zooming here and there to attend to their customer' needs. When we were finally attended to, we asked to have a plate of lemon chicken, an entree of jellyfish with century egg, radish cake, braised bean curd. We also had fried pork served with plum sauce and assorted dim sum.

I like the crispiness of the jellyfish, above anything else. The softness of the tofu is something to be loved too (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside). Shame the sauce that comes with it isn't even on the same page. The radish cake wasn't as spectacular as we thought it would be, too. But the belly slices (we had two orders of belly, to prove it) and the dim sum are more than enough to compensate for it.

So overall, it's a split decision whether or not we'll come back to the place. Select dishes are delicious while some others are just plain weird with mismatched sauces.


Big Mao
Ayala Terraces

A: 3/5

Service slow and the food isn't that exceptional.

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