STK Ta Bai!


STK Ta Bai is one of those local grill houses you usually go to when you're craving for something to share in a group, be it a business meeting, a casual date or some bonding time with the family. This house-turned-restaurant eatery has quite a lot of religious articles in it, some of which are for sale, while others are displayed as decoration. Obviously, this place has one of the best homely ambiances there is in Cebu. It is packed by the time we arrived here for lunch time, so if you're planning to come in a group, it would be nice to place a reservation in advance.


Like several grill houses, STK ta Bai offers unique dishes like Grilled Tuna Jaw and deep fried fried fresh fish roe. I loved their chicken soup hands down as well as their grilled scallops. Bad points of this restaurant would be their famous tuna jaw and their fish roe (served cold and oily, in short, disgusting) nor was I satisfied with their grilled squid plated with raw onions, tomatoes and scallions. Plus the fact that we had to endure the smallest table in the corner, with very poor lighting. The menu is pricey as well.

STK ta bai!
Paolito's Seafood House

A: 2.5/5
I don't see why people rated this place as good. It is average at best, given the reasons I stated earlier. The owner should enforce proper customer service and satisfaction as well as make more room for diners. This definitely doesn't make to my "come back to" restaurant list. :(

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