Super Buffet

i filled my first plate with salmon, tuna, white fish sashimi, mix of maki rolls, ebi sushi, and seaweeds wrapped in tamago wrap. my first plate started well.

my second plate was filled with clams with salted beans that lacked seasoning, fried shrimp that was not crunchy but mushy, pork and shrimp dumpling and shrimp siomai that tasted so bland.

i filled my third plate with sauteed oyster with black beans which was poorly seasoned, stuffed mushroom and stuffed crabmeat that tasted awful. it was so saggy and i couldn't even describe its taste.

the only good thing i had in this buffet is the chocolate and vanilla icecream.

i was surprised at the bill when i paid. it was almost $15 for the horrible experience i had! i'm definitely not coming back here.

Super Buffet
3830 Stevens Creek Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95117-1254

1.0/5.0 (1.0 for the wide selection of sashimi, sushi and maki rolls)

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