Sweet Mango

it was accidental that i ate at this restaurant since i had a hard time finding parking space close to an organic mexican restaurant i wanted to try out. this restaurant has a mix of burmese and chinese cuisine. i ordered their chicken curry lunch special. it came with hot and sour soup and salad with crispy noodles for starters. i liked the sauce which came with the salad. it's sweet and had a hint of sour taste. i was surprised they had samosa in their menu. i later learned burmese cuisine had been influenced by india. the samosa did not look exactly like the indian samosa but it tasted close. it did not
come with the indian sauce too. it came with sweet and sour sauce instead. the chicken curry was good. it tasted like filipino chicken curry. the chili sauce on the side satisfied my taste for a spicy chicken curry. i liked it so much i wanted to bring home the chili sauce. i was a bit turned off that they charged extra for brown rice or fried rice instead of white rice. i admired the friendly and attentive service of the waiters.

Sweet Mango
1040 Willow St
San Jose, CA 95125


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