Army Navy

Army Navy

Rumors do spread like wildfire indeed, as word on the streets reached our ears that a new branch of Army Navy has arrived here in Cebu. After buying my (newish) second hand Experia active, my sister and I were eager to try and compare the newly built Army Navy with the branch back in Glorietta.

The place still smelled of wet cement and paint, but had the same old feel and ambiance of Army Navy. The same old menu we loved back then was still there, something that felt new and refreshing in contrast to the normal fast food joint. I mean, where can you find a burger joint that sells three-patty burgers, some really good milkshakes, and awesome burritos?

Anyway, I mentioned that three-patty burger right? We had that (it's called Bully Boy burger) and a Starving Sailor sandwich, which had thin slices of Rib Eye steak in it. The Bully Boy burger had three delicious juicy beef patties and vegetables in two lightly toasted burger buns in contrast to the Starving Sailor sandwich that had moist medium well strips of meat and veggies. We had these sandwiches paired with a serve of onion rings, fries, Libertea (their special brewed iced tea) and a can of soda.

Army Navy
Eblock2, IT Park, Cebu City

Verdict: 4/5
The food is scrumptiously delicious! The drawback to this is that they have very expensive meals (had to pay around 700+ for two sandwiches.) Not for the faint of wallets!

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