Located a few steps away from the main entrance of the JP Morgan building, this casual dining restaurant offers the relaxing ambiance of Filipino dining while maintaining its traditional Chinese feel. We arrived here a few minutes past 5:30 and were seated comfortably to one of the establishment's couches. The restaurant was as empty as it could be, perhaps because of a bad choice of location or simply the budget. But it was one of the things I liked about this place, the absence of chit chattering individuals who can't seem to stop yapping about who did what in their workspace.

I was surprised by the service of this place; within five minutes after finalizing our order and myself coming back from the public washroom, several plates of food were laid out in front of me and my sister for our consumption. We had crispy noodles, macao roast pig, radish cake and kung pao chicken.

The crispy noodles were somewhat of a disappointment, having been immersed in too much sauce for one to enjoy. Although to make up for it, the noodles absorbed as much juice that complements what's left of the crispiness it's supposed to have. The roast pig is good, soft but dry and the sour spicy sauce is very good. The radish cake is an excellent order, if I say so myself. The Kung Pao Chicken is okay, as I don't have a basis to compare it with something else as of now.

Unit 101, E-bloc Tower 1
Asiatown I.T. Park Lahug

Verdict: Perhaps an update in the menu would be a good thing seeing how there's very little to choose from. Promos to attract customers too would help. The place lacks... a certain appeal that would make their customers regulars.

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