Bon Chon

A few weeks after the opening of the new Cebu branch, we decided to visit the place one sunny day after my sister arrived from her trip. It was packed like any other restaurant in Ayala Terraces. I mean, really really packed. I was thankful that a family finally vacated a table just as we were ordering food.

The menu had a complete upgrade, increasing the number of items you could order in addition to their staple of chicken wings and drumsticks and kimchi coleslaw. Years from our first visit, they now had jap chae, fish taco, galbi jjim and a number of other chicken cuts available for sale. We had galbi jjim, combo meal with 6 wing parts and 3 drumsticks and drinks.

The taste was still the same from when I remember it, although this time, the soy garlic flavor wins thanks to its more complex taste as opposed to the mild spice the other flavor offered. The galbi's meat was a little too sweet for my taste too. The kimchi coleslaw was too watery and had a more dominant mayo over the kimchi feel.

Chicken Bon Chon
Ayala Terraces Cebu


Kimchi coleslaw quality went down. Chicken sizes and parts got an improvement. Menu size a plus. Ambiance a minus on this branch (the music in Ayala triangle played korean music to complete the feel). Price feels semi afforable now, but still not within budget of the lower middle class.

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