David's Kitchen

One lazy evening after a hectic day at school, my sister and I decided to chill out and unwind at IT park for the latest happenings and gigs in town. From there on, we took a quick stroll along the bazaar stalls situated in right at the middle of the open area and from there we breezed through our way towards this newly opened restaurant few steps away from Yellow Cab.

Hungry with anticipation to taste new food from this new strange place, we took our seat by the couch and immersed ourselves with easy rhythms played in the background. Our server promptly waited for us to get settled before handing us two tall plastic encased menus before scurrying off to the kitchen to get the next table's already waiting meals.

The place was clean and well kept, bright and pleasant to look at too. The music playing in the background, soft blues and revivals of old favorites from the 80's, just helped us settle in and enjoy the atmosphere. My sister decided to get a Wagyu burger while I got myself a medium well New York Striploin cut. Price-wise, it's extravagantly high for a burger and one piece of steak. In all honesty, I could get better tasting burgers at the right price somewhere else and a good kilogram of aussie striploin from the grocery for a little more. But beside the point, my order was cooked just right withn a hint of spice and its still delicious juices oozing from the meat fibers.

David's Kitchen
E-bloc 2, IT Park Lahug

Verdict: 3/5

The place is expensive, and the service was so-so. I'll give them credit for the aesthetic arrangement of the interiors and the innovative menus, but most of them are stuff even the common householder can do at a much cheaper price. It's not as satisfying as we thought it was (save for the steak. The steak was REAL good.)

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