Hotel Elizabeth

Lured by the prospect of having an all-you-can-eat steak and sushi dinner, I had the front desk of the hotel reserve a table for my siblings and myself one afternoon of December. It took us hours of preparation for this mighty event; and we had to fast for at least a day to make room for the countless dishes that are to be offered to us.

My first impression of this buffet dining space is that the place is too crowded for its own good. The dull throbbing music was a pain to listen to, particularly when there's too many background noise from the function room. The ambiance of this place is so-so, as if I would definitely get stomach pains during my dinner.

After acquainting ourselves with our new surroundings, I stood up and made a bee line curve towards the buffet table for an inspection. The food was not that extravagant, contrary to what many people think. Many dishes were either frozen solid (sushi) or overcooked. The steak of this place was too heavy and dry too. The only redeeming factors of this restaurant would be the leche flan and other such rewards.

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
Archbishop Reyes Avenue
Camputhaw, Cebu City



Not worth the price. There are better restaurants out there. Stay away from this place unless absolutely necessary. Price is outrageous. Definitely not a repeater.

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