Marriott Hotel

One stressful bumper to bumper traffic and a few coupons less, we found ourselves seated in one of better tables at Marriott hotel's restaurant. The place. was. stunning. The ambiance set the mood for a night to remember, a pleasant evening for my siblings and myself with carefully prepared buffet dishes ripe for the picking.

Subtle music wafted in the background as we took our places and found each of our respective seats. It was so easy to get comfortable, as if the place was your own private dining house. The waiters were very attentive to our needs and not to mention that they was not an idle moment for them. If they weren't making sure the tables were in perfect order, they busied themselves with attending to their guests and making sure that the food on the buffet table never ran out.

Idle talk inside the restaurant were down to a minimum, as there was very few people dining inside the premises. Food in abundance, we dug in and gorged ourselves in whatever was available; from Japanese sushi and sashimi to local cuisine and even salads and bread with cold cuts on the side. Although the choices paled in comparison to Marco Polo's assortment of foreign dishes, Mariott, in all its crowning glory, strengthened its quality and service to the point of unbelievable levels. Each dish was given utmost attention to detail down to the last ounce of spice. 

Cebu Marriot Hotel
Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City 6000 

Verdict: 5/5

Very worth every peso you paid for a meal here. Dinner was well spent. You won't regret the service.

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