Chez Sovan


we went to this cambodian restaurant for my friend's belated birthday celebration. i confess i have very little exposure to cambodian cuisine so i was so excited to try this place. it was lunch time on a friday and not many customers were there. we ordered the 6 piece vegetarian egg rolls for starter. their service was reasonably fast. their egg rolls were good, not so oily. we ordered "amok" -- fish mixed with coconut milk, collar green, lemongrass, kefir, galangal and fish sauce, steamed in a banana leaf. the presentation was remarkable and the taste was so unexpected for my palate. i liked it but i couldn't eat a lot of it. i paired brown rice with it. i later realized that white rice was better with it. we also had "sam law curry" -- chicken with potatoes, carrots, coconut milk and curry spices. the curry was sweet and didn't really pair well with the "amok". i guess it would have been better if we ordered something fried. for our drinks, we had coconut juice in its shell. the juice was so refreshing although the coconut meat was not that tender like the ones served in philippines. we had so much of left-over we brought home.

Chez Sovan
2425 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128

3/5 (I would still give this place another chance.)

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