Lantaw Restaurant - Busay

Getting to Busay is no easy task.

One has to endure a semi  topsy turvy ride to the mountains with the risk of taking a wrong turn somewhere along the line and entering a completely different restaurant. Maybe even failing to notice the signboard of the restaurant!

Like all victories, our arrival there was one of the sweetest moment of that day. The view was magnificent and the place was cool despite the still awake sun. We had to climb an inclined plane and a few flights of stairs before we could settle in to our seat, with all the glory of Cebu City before us.

To cool off from our journey, we ordered iced tea and a just grilled plate of calamari for starters. Soon enough, chitchat kept us preoccupied as our dinner comprised of baked scallops, sisig, kinilaw, and steamed oysters arrived by threes.

Lantaw Restaurant
Busay, Cebu CIty

Verdict: A: 4/5
The place and the effort to get there is worth it. The ambiance and the view alone makes it a tourist hotspot. The food is above average. The kinilaw is a special mention here. Not too sour and not too milky either. Plus the fish used for it is splendid.  Very fresh ingredients considering its distance from the market.

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