Lantaw Restaurant - Cordova

As if our previous adventure to sample Lantaw at Busay wasn't enough, the whole family decided to ride all the way from the metropolis to the other island to savor a different cuisine from the same-albeit different restaurant.

Lantaw Floating Restaurant is located at the border of Lapu Lapu City with its shoreline facing the other side of the Cebu islands. Interestingly, the place was once used as a docking port for small fishing boats and eventually over time was transformed into a popular restaurant by the sea.

The set-up was the same: a restaurant situated in the middle of nowhere with a stunning view for their patrons to enjoy. The place's specialty was Bakasi, a sea creature that looks like a moray eel and cooked either crisped or simmered in tomato based soup stock with generous amounts of spices.

Late Lunch composed of an assorted array of seafood dishes eventually finished with their carefully hand-made treats like Turon (fried banana fritter with jack fruit) topped with ice cream and drizzles of local dark chocolate sauce. My brother had guinmis, a toned down version of the local halo-halo.

Lantaw Floating Restaurant
Cordova, Cebu

Verdict: 3/5
Getting there takes at 2 hours with moderate traffic. The location of the restaurant is both a boon and a curse for them because heat of the sun during the afternoon is very undesirable.The place's true worth shows itself from sunset to the rest of the evening where light from the city glows bright in the background.

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