After half a day of work at school, I was called to ayala to meet with mom and my sister so we could drive home together. After having met them, mom left with her friend to buy something at the hardware store. Sis and I then decided to make our way towards the Fudge, one of the newer restaurants in the new wing of Ayala.

I was a little put off by the people who serve customers in this place because the menu was shoved into our hands by their main waiter. I personally found this rude and unaccommodating because it felt impersonal and without desire to serve.The food on the menu didn't look appetizing either and everything on the menu seems simple enough to make at home. Sister decided to get us a pitcher of CMC (cucumber, mint, calamansi) to go on the side of the Aligue pasta and "prawn" pasta as well as the pork steak slathered with mushroom gravy. We were mislead when they mentioned prawn in the pasta, because we were a huge size of shrimp. Much to our dismay, there was at least 10 pieces of small local shrimp while the serving side of the dish.

I'll give them plus points for the steak cut fries, I just love them given the rarity of the restaurants serving these cuts. The pork steak, I didn't appreciate so much. It had vegetables, sure, but I'm afraid it wasn't exceptional. The pasta's serving size seems small too and it didn't look like it will feed a