I have been hearing a lot of good reviews for Olio, and I can honestly say that the deserve every single award that they received over the past 6 years after my visit here one day ago.

 It was in a somewhat secluded area of Crossroads just between Mexican restaurant and that disco bar place near the end of the strip. So far so good, we were the first people to come over and check out the place.

It was well kept and very pleasing, not to mention the ambiance of the place is serene with songs from times gone by playing in the background.

When we got there, we were seated promptly and had the servers on stand by as we browsed through the menu. Everything was fancy and pricey, but thankfully there was an ongoing promo for their US Corn Fed Angus Rib Eye steak. So we had two,  a side of aglio olio, baked potato, and some unsweetened shakes to complement our already delicious food. To finish the meal, we got a chocolate soufflé.

Crossroads Cebu

A: 5/5

The food was very delicious. The steak was cooked to perfection and the sides were just right. It was an affordable steak, buy one take one free rib eye for 1.5k. It's even cheaper and juicier than David's steakhouse. The baked potato goes well with the meat I had. Pasta was al dente just the ways we liked it. I haven't had a Soufflé in my life, but it was decent enough and it rose from the cup it was in. So I guess it's good enough? There's a lot of alcohol beverages here. Some of the dishes never go down below 450 So better prepare a well fed wallet before bringing your date here.

Oh, did I mention that they have freshly baked bread? Plus fountains inside the restaurant. How cool is that?

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