Big Flat Bread

I'm going to say this now: This place has got to be one of the most underrated pizza parlors in Cebu right now.

Our visit to this place was by accident. Originally, we were supposed to go to Rico's Lechon to grab ourselves a boneless head for our almost-a-century-old grandma and our beloved dog, Wookie.

But since there wasn't any roast pig available yet, we had to roam around and that's when we saw Big Flat Bread. BFB is situated within a few steps from SYKES Mabolo's entrance, and even a few steps from Rico's.

The food here is cheap. Less than 300 for a 10inch thin crust pizza? Yes please, sign me up! To save even more, we got ourselves the smallest party pack, inclusive of a 2 liter bottle of soda, a large plate of carbonara pasta, three pieces of chicken with slices of home made mojos, and of course, a pan of their signature pizza flavors.

The gravy for the chicken was way better than any gravy available for a fast food joint. The pizza was less greasy too and very flavorful. The Godfather pizza that came with the package also tasted good, complete with a certain twist to your usual pizza flavors.

 The mojos also stood out from the meal. Although not as addictive as Shakey's Mojos, these baked potato sides were actualy delicious.

I was a little disappointed with their carbonara pasta though, because I found it too creamy and milky, as if the chef smothered it with a whole pack of all purpose cream.

Big Flat Bread
Ridges Mabolo

A: 4.25/5

Definitely a must visit. Cheap but delicious food. What's not to like?

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